Beach Vacation Building Sandcastles

Sandcastles Building sandcastles to the sky just to spend time with you.

You have taken the time to plan a beach vacation and hopefully you are even staying at our beautiful 7 bedroom 5 bath home Coco Cabana 

When you make it to your beach vacation destination, put your cell phone away. Take a deep breath of the salty air and go PLAY!

Time goes by so very fast , before you know it your children will be grown and raising children of their own. I know the frustration of wanting just a moment of silence, just a moment alone but think about it, in a few years you and your spouse will be sitting alone in an empty house and you will have all the silence you want. So for now Get Up and Go Play.. you will be making memories that never go away

What to bring to the beach:

Aside from the obvious items such as towel and sunscreen you will want to think about bringing things that will help make the day more enjoyable for everyone

Food, drinks and a cooler : Everything will get sandy and damp so I like to bring  individually packaged items such as string cheese, small bags or lunch bags of chips or cookies, pre made sandwiches and fruit such as grapes are all easy to eat. Drinks with lids (numbered so each person can keep track of his or her drink) or juice pouches that can be drank quickly. You really dont want to have to put sandy drinks back in the cooler when the kids  take a sip and run off to play so remember that if you need clean ice bring a cooler with two separate sides.

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